Low Frequency Orchestra

Angélica Castelló — recorders, devices
Matija Schellander — double bass
Thomas Grill — digital sounds
Maja Osojnik — recorders, voice

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The Low Frequency Orchestra was formed in Vienna by Angélica Castelló (recorders, devices), Thomas Grill (digital sounds), Maja Osojnik (recorders, voice, electronics) and Matija Schellander (double bass) who form the core of the ensemble. They have been joined by semi-permanent members Mathias Koch (drums) and Herwig Neugebauer (double bass) and have performed with guests including Martin Siewert (e-guitar, electronics), George Cremaschi (double bass), Susanna Gartmayer (bass clarinet), Bernhard Breuer (drums) and Michaela Grill (video). Sound design of all shows is supervised by Alfred Reiter.
The ensemble has played many shows of free non-idiomatic improvised music under the title "CUT" – the only rule being that the music should have the structural quality of compositions with an emphasis on rapidly changing sections. The CD "S" is a documentation of this concept. It has been recorded in a series of four live-recording sessions at the Echoraum Vienna in 2006 and released by Einklang Records in 2008.
In 2006 the Low Frequency Orchestra also collaborated with the media artist Martin Pichlmair to create an interpretation of artist Robert Lettner's graphic scores "Das Spiel vom Kommen und Gehen" ("The Coming and Going Show"). The scores consist of carefully arranged colored strips that have emerged as a byproduct of one of Robert Lettners works of art in 1982. The piece has been released by the University of Applied Arts Vienna in a hand numbered limited edition DVD with an extensive booklet and triple-channel video in 2011.
A collaboration with Wolfgang Mitterer playing organ started in 2007 with a live recording at the Radiokulturhaus Vienna. This recording served as a framework for the eponymous main piece of the CD "Mole" (chmafu nocords, 2010). During several rounds at the recording studio the different parts were examined, distilled, equilibrated and, through overdubbing, enriched with new instrumental sound material. Emulating scalpel and stethoscope, the musical structures were investigated, acoustic layers revealed and new perspectives developed. In this way, bit by bit, a newly shaped sculpture emerged. The main piece is introduced by five electro-acoustic miniatures, designed by five different members of the Low Frequency Orchestra. These are meant to clarify the individual approaches of the instrumentalists and, as an exposition, emphasize significant facets of the various voices weaved into the ensemble sound that follows.
In 2011 the Low Frequency Orchestra will be featured on an upcoming CD with compositions by Maja Osojnik, named "Songs from Mortagapenija". For recordings of this project the ensemble has been joined by Maria Gstättner on bassoon, Michael Bruckner-Weinhuber on guitar and Burkhard Stangl on guitar and vibraphone.

Low Frequency Orchestra plays Robert Lettner:
Das Spiel vom Kommen und Gehen (The Coming and Going Show)

DVD on dieAngewandte

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